The Value of a Remodeled Basement: Numbers Don’t Lie

The Value of a Remodeled Basement: Numbers Don’t Lie

If you’re seeking to add more living space to your house there are a variety of options. If you’ve got the funds to invest in a bigger living space by simply expanding what you can do with your house. It is possible to build an addition to your family room and a master suite or a sunroom extension – you could even build an entire floor addition to your house.

These are all expensive ways to scratch the desire for more space. There’s a third option that can boost the size of your living space by at minimum 33% on average and in many instances you can double it. This is a lot less costly than the costly option that involves building an additional room on your house. This option does a fantastic job of protecting the worth of the money that you invest in the construction.

Of course, we’re talking about remodeling garages.

The Numbers Are Amazing…

Each every year Remodeling Magazine publishes a Cost vs. Value Report. The report collects information from across the country regarding the cost of home remodeling and renovation projects.

The goal of this report is to provide homeowners complete information regarding the price of home remodels as well as the value of these projects in comparison against other construction projects. The report also provides information on how well the projects are able to are worth their weight by calculating the percentage of the cost recouped after the property is sold.

The most recent Cost vs. Value Report found that basement renovations remain a an excellent value with the average project recovering 70.3 percent of its costs once the house is sold. On average, projects to remodel basements can add more than $43,000 to the value of the home’s sale.

How does this stand up to other projects being designed with the aim of enhancing the living space? Very well. If you’re thinking about one of the ideas listed below, the following numbers will likely make you shiver a bit:

A family room extension will only hold 63.3 percent of its value

The master suite add-on holds just 63.2 percent of the value

Bathroom renovations retain just 54.8 percent of its value

A sunroom extension: holds just 46.5 percent of its value

It is also the MOST Cost-Effective Project

What it comes down to is that, according to the report on Remodeling, should you wish to increase your living space There’s no better way to accomplish that goal other than by transforming your basement.

The reasons behind this are clear enough. Another method of extending living space will require the construction of a new structure: a new foundations, new walls, and a new roof. A basement is a place that has all the fundamental elements of walls, floor and ceilings.

There is no need to build the space, you only need to transform the space into a living space. That, by far is the least expensive alternative.

It’s Not Just About The Numbers…

It’s not only about dollar and the cent however. It’s about what you would like to have. It’s about what your family will love the most in your house.

However, when it comes time to sell your house (which for the majority of us it’s just an issue of the time, not when the time comes – then it’s beneficial to have those numbers at your disposal.

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