Remodeling Your Basement or Moving?

Remodeling Your Basement or Moving?Strange question, you say? Do you have to choose between a basement remodeling or moving? Maybe not. Particularly if you sometimes wish for something more than the place you are able to call home.

If you’re not satisfied with your home You’re not alone. This is a common problem for homeowners. The day you first moved into your new home might be among the most joyous, joyful experiences of your life – especially if the home was your first home.  After a while you may feel a vague unhappy feeling may have started to take over your life.

It’s not because you’re unhappy with your house – in fact, it’s not that at all. There’s just the sensation that says you’re not missing something. It’s an impression that your home, however beautiful as it may be it’s a bit bare and less than what it should be. It’s a feeling that says you ought to be enjoying your house more than you do.

The old saying goes there’s a tendency to think to be always greener on the opposite end of the wall. This pretty much describes the way you feel about your house lately.  But it could be much greener on the other neighbor’s side.

Basement Remodeling vs. Moving

If you’re in a financially position to do this it’s possible to move out of your home, get an upscale home and then relocate. However, you’ve experienced the whole process before, and you’re aware that it’s a huge hassle. This can cause the harmony of your family’s life for months.

There’s a different option to scratch that not-quite-satisfied itching. It’s less expensive as well as less disruptive and much more simple than moving. This is, of course about renovating your basement.  It’s that dark dusty, musty dusty cobwebby, spidery spot in which you keep the castoff items. This dreary hole that you enter to wash your clothes perhaps, or examine the furnace.

Many homeowners do not make use of the potential that their basements hold. It’s a pity since, on average basements make up about one-third the floor area of a house.  Imagine throwing away a third your house! However, this is the practice of many homeowners.  Imagine adding the whole area of your home – hundreds of many square foot through transforming it into the most enjoyable and useful space in your home.  It’ll scratch your unsatisfied itch!

The possibilities for remodeling your basement are practically Infinite…

The third part of the house simply lying there neglected and unoccupied. This is a shame. You should take action isn’t it?

What would you do in your basement if you were to redesign it? There are endless possibilities. The basement you have could be:

  • The most modern playroom available to play in.
  • A relaxing playroom for your children
  • A home theater
  • A Man Cave
  • A comfortable home office
  • A brand new bedroom
  • A separate living area including a bathroom and kitchen.


Based on the size of your basement it could be a good idea to convert it into any possibilities. The list below of basement remodeling suggestions just scratches the surface the possibilities you have.  If you’ve been feeling this feeling of discontent, wanting more lately, don’t phone the realtor right now. Instead, give us a call. Let’s talk about the possibilities.  Since, buried among the piles of “stuff” you’ve been keeping in your basement, you’ll find an extremely valuable thing you might not be aware of up until now: a potential.  

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