How To Choose a Contractor for Your Basement Remodel

How To Choose a Contractor for Your Basement Remodel

The horror stories are abounding. There are plenty of them. The homeowner begins the process of remodeling or reworking that they’ve been dreaming about for years and only to have their dream come to life and turn into nightmare. All due to the contractor they chose.

The majority of contractors are skilled and honest individuals. Most of them are as interested in doing their job correctly just as. However, not all. All professions have their fair share of bad apples and the profession of contracting is not an exception.

There are contractors who’s main goal is to separate you from your cash. There aren’t many that are like that however they’re still out in the open. You must be looking for them.

There are people who are totally honest and trustworthy, however lacking experience. It is important to be aware of themtoo or else you’d like your home to be turned into a school and your cash to pay for on-the-job training.

You can spare yourself a ton of hassles just by asking 10 questions to any contractor you’re contemplating employing for your basement remodel project. A positive response to each one of them means you’ve probably found the perfect contractor. Grab him (or his) and dive into your work with confidence.

1. How many years have you been in your business? What’s the best solution to the question? This is a pretty subjective question. But you’ll recognize a poor answer once you listen to it. Also, you’ll recognize the answer is evasive when you hear it too. It’s a problem to be evasive.

2. Are you licensed and bonded? A license alone isn’t enough to ensure that your contractor will not fail you in any way but it will increase the likelihood that you’re not facing a problem with an unprofessional contractor. In the event that things occur to be unsatisfactory, you’ll can seek redress by a licensed and bonded contractor than or unlicensed business.

3. Are you covered? Accidents do happen. It happens to everybody – regardless of how talented, skilled and honest they might be. If the contractor you hire doesn’t have adequate insurance, you could be held accountable for any damages or injuries that might happen. Make sure you have the proof of insurance for the contractor and ensure that the insurance policy includes workers’ compensation insurance.

4. How many employees do you have working for you? The answer is also quite subjective. There’s no definitive answer. However, here’s something you need to be aware of: If you’re running an operation that is small It’s likely that the contractor will be relying on subcontractors for the completion of parts of the project. It’s not necessarily a problem however, you should be aware of the subcontractors that are being used.

5. Do you have an estimate in writing? How much will the project cost as well as when it will be completed? If the contractor isn’t willing or is hesitant to put the project in writing, it’s an alarming warning sign. You should move to another candidate.

6. Do you allow me to visit some of your projects from the past? Projects that have been completed correctly will give you a sense of security that the standard of work is fulfilled.

7. Are you able to get the permits you need? Someone will have to take care of this. It is important to find out if the cost of the contractor includes this task. And if the contractor informs you that there are no permits needed for your basement renovation project, it’s time to look for the next contractor.

8. Do you have experience specifically in basement renovations? Basement remodeling is quite unique. It requires specialized expertise and knowledge. When a builder has many years of experience and plenty of satisfied clients, but has have no experience in basements? Keep his name in mind for any future projects. However, for this particular project, you should find an experienced contractor who has experience in basement renovation.

9. What will I receive as a plan of work and a price that is guaranteed? A simple agreement verbally about how much work to be done with a written quotation isn’t enough. Inconsistencies regarding the scope of the work can be easily triggered. Therefore, it must be certain what is to be accomplished and how much it will cost.

10. Do you have references? A lot of satisfied customers mean it’s likely that you’ll end up being a satisfied customer in the future.

Make sure to check with the BBB

If your answers to all of above questions are yes it’s likely that you’ve found an experienced and reliable contractor for your project. However, before hiring the contractor, make sure you do one more thing to verify by contacting the Better Business Bureau.

A few complaints filed with the BBB do not necessarily mean that the contractor you’re considering isn’t a good one. There are, after all, there are two stories to tell. In some cases, the customer is the victim in a dispute. However, if the BBB has a record of complaints and disputes with the company you’re considering you should look elsewhere for the next contender.

Yes, it’s difficult and time-consuming to complete the process of vetting any contractor you’re thinking of hiring. However, that’s only one small portion of the risks you’ll risk when you do the opposite and make a decision to hire without vetting. It’s the way dreams can turn into nightmares.

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